Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /home/usingeup/public_html/textpattern/lib/constants.php on line 149 - Beginner Just say "no" to complicated programming languages. Fri, 20 Jul 2018 04:08:21 GMT Write a Win32Lib Notepad application (Part 1) Now that we have Win32Lib installed, let’s use it to write a complete application from start to finish. We’ll be cloning everyone’s favorite text editor, Notepad! You may be surprised how much work goes into such a simple application.

]]> Sun, 18 Feb 2018 19:18:18 GMT Greg Haberek,2018-02-17:f2e32eeda8780a420f04a0eb81be1fec/8ab97969a8d79459b25400d2d9292167
Clean up your code by fixing up Win32Lib Starting with version 4.0, Euphoria supports default parameters. We can use this feature to our advantage by adding some defaults to commonly-used Win32Lib routines. A couple small tweaks will make your code cleaner and easier to maintain.

]]> Sun, 11 Feb 2018 19:11:18 GMT Greg Haberek,2018-02-16:f2e32eeda8780a420f04a0eb81be1fec/11a7e5aeaddfa5130c3b1411e8275c25
Setup Win32Lib 0.70 on Windows 10 Let’s walk through installing Win32Lib 0.70 on Windows 10.

]]> Sun, 04 Feb 2018 19:04:18 GMT Greg Haberek,2018-01-26:f2e32eeda8780a420f04a0eb81be1fec/d93ed7a8429e09bbc8a5e29a9c344150
Setup Nano to edit Euphoria code Let’s walk through setting up Nano to highlight Euphoria files.

]]> Sun, 21 Jan 2018 18:21:18 GMT Greg Haberek,2017-12-17:f2e32eeda8780a420f04a0eb81be1fec/ec4ac430d7fd68c8b7ae00a7545bf640
Setup Notepad++ to edit Euphoria code Let’s walk through setting up Notepad++ to highlight (and run!) Euphoria files.

]]> Sun, 14 Jan 2018 18:14:18 GMT Greg Haberek,2017-12-17:f2e32eeda8780a420f04a0eb81be1fec/781a11db576b534535506f4d8a666158