Setup Nano to edit Euphoria code


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Getting started

Let’s walk through setting up Nano to highlight Euphoria files.


If you’re running Ubuntu, then you should already have Nano. Open a Terminal and type which nano to verify its installation. If it’s missing, type sudo apt install nano to install it. (Isn’t Linux easy?)


Download nanorc

I have created an updated nanorc file for Euphoria 4.1. This file will add syntax highlighting to Nano.

You can get it on the Downloads page. Here is a direct link: euphoria.nanorc (2kB)

Install nanorc

Open Terminal and enter the following commands:

  • sudo mv Downloads/euphoria.nanorc /usr/share/nano/
  • sudo chown root:root /usr/share/nano/euphoria.nanorc

The default Nano configuration for Ubuntu will use all *.nanorc files in the /usr/share/nano/ directory by default.

Test nanorc

Now open a Euphoria file, such /usr/local/euphoria-4.1.0-Linux-x64/demo/animal.ex, to see the syntax highlighting works correctly.

Thats it! I told you Linux was easy.

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