Setup Win32Lib 0.70 on Windows 10


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Getting started

Let’s walk through installing Win32Lib 0.70 on Windows 10.


Win32Lib currently works only with 32-bit Euphoria, even on 64-bit systems.

So if you’re planning to develop with Win32Lib on 64-bit Windows 10, you have a couple options:

This guide assumes you’re simply running 32-bit Euphoria on either system.


Win32Lib 0.70

Head over to The Archive and download win32lib_r2.

This is a more recent version of Win32Lib by Jean-Marc DURO that is simpler and more compatible with Euphoria 4.x.

7-Zip 16.04

You’ll also need something to extract the files. While Windows 10 includes built-in support for zip files, I prefer using 7-Zip for this purpose. Head over to the 7-Zip Download page and download the appropriate release for your system.

Go ahead and install 7-Zip. I don’t think we need to go into detail here about that.


Navigate to your Downloads folder, right-click, and then select 7-Zip > Extract files…

Enter your Euphoria directory in the Extract to field and uncheck the sub-directory box.

Then click OK to extract the files. Your new win32lib directory should like like this:


Navigate to the bin directory in your Euphoria directory. Right-click on eu.cfg and click Edit with Notepad++.

Add the following line into the [all] section and save the file.

-i C:\Euphoria\win32lib\Include


Open any of the demos under C:\Euphoria\win32lib\Demo (like window.exw) and press F5 to run it.

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