is back online


Photo by Taskin Ashiq on Unsplash

…and we’re back!

After a bit of hiatus (maybe a year or two?), I’ve found a much better hosting solution for

I’m back to using Textpattern over dokuwiki to manage the site. Textpattern was my first choice but I could not run a MySQL database on my previous hosting (it was just too tiny of a VPS).

I’ve got C.K. Lester’s original site back online here and I’ll be working on converting and upgrading his original content as well as writing a lot of my own.

There will be weekly articles as well as an updated FAQ section. Each article will feature a nice free 1080p wallpaper from Unsplash, so feel free to download the image and use it as you’d like.

Here’s to a (hopefully) wonderful 2018!

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